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ode to las peliculas

movies i'm bringing back with me...any takers for possible movie nights?

new stuff:
-love actually
-21 grams
-shindler's list
-as good as it gets
-master and commander
-something's got to give
-four weddings and a funeral
-benny and joon
-peter pan
-sleepless in seatle

olddies (but goodies)
-ferris bueller's day off
-dirty dancing
-terminator (1,2)
-lord of the rings (1,2)
-harry potter (1,2)
-the wedding singer
-fight club

...in case you missed it slipped in at the top....i'm stealing LOVE ACTUALLY from my dad, which is possibly the best movie ever. SOooOo the good news about this movie must be shared, it really deserves a grand fiesta of a movie night if anyone's interested... :)
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