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Slug Love

So about an hour ago, Kayla probably saw the most amazing sunset of her life: dressd up, in the arms of a cute boy, on the golden gate bridge. How cool is that? mr-swept-her-off-her-feet took her out on The Big Date tonight: SF and a fancy dinner. It was kind of funny, several hours before departure, kayla had completed her makeup and hair, so nautrually we were sqeeking with excitment over the upcoming evening, and she said, "it's been two years since I've been out to a nice dinner like this"... and of course, I'm thinking...I've never been on a date like that. I'd never even been on a real date until last november. So, between my roomates, I'm living in a massive soap opera...which is nice when you've got to live vicariously through others. ;-) I can just hear the teaser now.... "This week on Slug Love, a new flame brightens Kayla's life--but will Josh's perfection last? Will she find out his secret murderous hobby before it's too late?? And finally, after three years of friendship--Stacey and Max take that next percarious step. How will the change in title affect their reltionship? Can the cordless phone last long enough to sustain thier love??" and then, one of those super fast low voices (the ones that describe contest rules and car price agreements) says "Andkimliveswiththemtoo.Willsheeverfindlove?Naa."
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