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just talked to my dad about housing options for next year. and he sounded really unhappy about me wanting to be off campus. and i can't tell if it's because he's scared that i'm moving into some mythical stage of my life, or because it's too expensive, or because i'm complaining about all of this and pissing on a gift when i get one. because i'm not happy. but i dont' know how to make myself happy.l and i understand that i'm not independent or have any kind of responsibilities that an adult has. But does that mean i can't be unhappy/unsatisfied with my life? i wish for contentment more than anything in the universe, and it never seems to happen.. is that because i want it so badly? maybe i'm just having a bad week. maybe i'll never be happy with my life. maybe i'm pmsing. maybe i'm a waste of human life. maybe i just need to live in the kresge trailer park and not worry about where i'm going to live. maybe i should be happy for the fact that this is supposed to be the best time of my life. maybe that should terrify me.
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