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I love communal bathrooms...

I bought this box hair highlighting kit at longs, like a week ago--and ti's been burning a whole in my pocket ever since. I was seriously going to wait until next week to actually use it, so that it would some how hail the begining of almost-summer... you know, that time of the year when it isn't actually summer... but it's so close that your brain is already there. Well good intentions always go ary. Instead of studying like my away message says ["trying to make this saturday the most productive saturday in the history of existence (or at least of this quarter")] I decided to bleach my hair. :-) And let me tell you, this 'chunking' kit is designed specifically for the bleachee to look as sexy as possible while treating her hair: you wear this clear plastic head cap, outlined with neon-yellow poncho plastic, and little yellow dots throughout to show the stylist (ie. the friend you coned into assiting the opperation) where to pull out strands of your hair. This cap, of course, is not shaped like an actual human head, but more on the lines of coneheads. So, imagine me wearing this hat (with varing amounts of hair pulled through the holes and sticking out) and in grubby dye-worthy typle clothes, sitting in the middle of our bathroom for all to see. :-) college is fun.
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