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so I am a complete dork

In the room it is just me and Stacey watching tv (a tramatic gilmore girls has left me speechless) and I notice the pile of dishes sitting next to my bed. Now, this pile of dishes has been next to my bed (the rack of dishes etc is under my bed, so this is the designated spot for used cups) for quite some time. Suddenly, I am struck with an urge to clean them....not for my own good, of course, but becasue Kayla is on her semi-date with cute swing boy and there is this posibility of her bringing him over (if all else fails and they are trying to find something to do). So, I haul them all to the bathroom and start to clean. Still shiney wet, I return with the clean versions of 4 mugs, 5 cups, 3 bowls, and a handful of plasticware. The water is starting to drip onto my pants, so naturally I look for my towel. But wait... it's not there. But that can't be right, I distinctly remember doing an all pink load of laundry, specifically to include my too-bright-pink towels. I carefully set the dishes down on my chair, and begin to investigate the question of my missing stuff. How can I shower without towels? A cursery glance through my closet proves that they are nowhere to be found. Then... *click* the light goes on above my head...
what if I hadn't taken them out of the wash?
So of course, knowing me, that is exactly what I have done. I run up stairs as quick as I can and burst into the bathroom. There on top of the dryer, quietly rocking with the motion of the current load, are not only my towels but a number of other pink intems (including my cutest pair of victoria's secret panties). My stuff had been sitting there for at least 24 hours. 24 hours that anyone could wander past the washers, (gandering at my clothes and unmentionables) wondering to themselves what kind of idiot would leave their laundry all up in the bathroom for an entire day... oh dear.
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