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*contented sigh*

Today is a good day. I feel so rested and relaxed, my dark circles are retreating and my skin is clearing up. So I felt pretty confident, which is always a bonus, really. Then I went to church and saw some of my friends from this summer. I get out of the car (truck, actually) and Karen and Dave are like 10 feet from us. I wave and they both race over to hug me :) a zillion people grabbed me as i walked by to say Hi, and it was nice. THEN, when me and dad got home, I cooked some pasta and made my own sauce and it was really really yummy. Tomorrow i'm ganna try stir fry... :) and right now I might run over to my friend morgan's hosue to pick up Angels In America ('cause he was awesome and taped it for me), and yah. It is a good day. Sometimes, you know, it just happens.

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