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disadvantages of gender: the density of boys.

Guys have it so easy when it comes to relationships: the ball is in their court. If they like a girl, it is up to them to make the first move. I don't even mean saying "hey, you're cute, will you go out with me?"... no need for such formailities... but something. But girls, oh no--not so. Of course, in our day and age, a girl can be as aggressive as she wants, but the average gal like myself is terrified of such a situation. So, this average girl has to sit around trying to look cute and hoping that somethign about her catches a boy's interest. Not to say that the only point in living is to try to get a guy (I do have some respect for myself thankyouverymuch), but if she happens to like a certain boy... what can she do? Show her interest, and wait to see if boy-in-question responds. And if he doesn't? Well, many of us are masters of delusion. He's just dense, that's all. He'll eventually see something in me he likes. He'll realize I'm really pretty. He'll like me once we get to know eachother better... and so forth and so on. But what is the point? There isn't any. I used to subscribe to the belief that crushes were harmless, and could be fun. And to an extent, I still think this is true... if it's a distant crush ("this boy in my class is soooo hot", "brad pitt rocks my world"). But in the real world, crushing on someone who doesn't have any interest in you whatsoever is absolutly futile. If a guy is single, 9 times out of 10 it is because he just hasn't asked a girl out. If a girl is single, no one wants her enough to ask her out. Guys have all the luck.
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