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what the heck am i still awake for: procrastination.

it is an ungodly hour of the morning right now, and I am stuck on a paper. I'm simply drowning in words like "communism", "human nature", and "marxist". My mind is on overload, so I take my glasses off and lay my head on my keyboard (it is flat, so there is no chance of qwerty-itis). My eyes shut and mind off, I can suddenly hear everything crystal clear. Kayla breathing in the heavey rythmic pattern of deep sleep. Stacey moving under her down comforter, trying to get comfortable. My own computer buzzing as it sits waiting for me to return. And then, out of nowhere--birds chirping. Not just one or two, but lots of birds calling back and forth to eacther from some distant tree branchs. If I didn't know better, I'd think I was on vacation somewhere in the middle of the jungle. I lift my head up, and notice that sky beyond my dorm-room blinds is no longer pitch black, but a kind of deep ocean colored blue silhouetting the black branchs of the forest trees. God if only I didn't have anther 300 words to write, I could almost enjoy this morning.

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