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I had this crazy dream. I dreampt that stacey's alarm was going off, and try as I might, there was nothing I could do to make it stop. I screamed, I cried, but to no avail, the alarm kept going. I went outside, distraught, realizing that everyeon in my dorm could hear it. As I sat leaning out a balcony, people tried to console me. I was late for something (shawn was yelling at me) but I couldn't do anything. None of the RAs were home, so I was helpless.
then I woke up.
And there was an alarm going off.
It took me a few seonds to determin that the sound, in fact, was a reality--and then to realize that it was not stacey's alarm (nor mine). Was I going crazy? No. It was my next door neighbors. Their alarm is STILL going off... and if it had been going off for my dream, there is a big chance that it has been going off for a long time. HOLY CRAP. It is 8am ON A SATURDAY. They need to freak'n make sure, that if they are going to spend the night elsewhere, that their alarm is TURNED OFF.
I'm soo tired.

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