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Viva Chile!

I have no idea how to put the last week and a half into one lj post. SO much happend, some good, some great, some sad, some scary. *sigh* I guess the only thing that I can sum it up with, is that it was one of the best experiences of my life.

You will just have to talk to me to hear everything, but some of the highlights:

David teaching us how to eat empenadas, "With you hands, like chicken and women."

Rob and Enrique and the "stethoscope" incident.

"Seven Layer Taco", "The Big Tostada", "Papa Chalupa", and the rest of our Taco Bell code names.

"I haven't laughed that hard since May 31st!!"

Norma's juicey bathroom story.

"Jesus is like a --inserts spanis word that she can't spell-- he's both refreshing and gets you clean where no one else can."

Mi mama saying every day "HACE FRIO! DONDE ESTA SU JACKETA??"

haha, okay, and a TON more. I will write a real entry about my chile adventure later tonight, this was, i guess just a teaser.

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