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July 8th, 2006

contrition [Jul. 8th, 2006|10:45 am]
k i m b e r l y
[I feel... |depresseddepressed]

Finally moved in, and it's been super awesome on the one hand (that is, the hand that incluces liking your housemates and having a cool house) but problematic on the other...such as not having internet until yesterday afternoon, and problems with the cable line in one of the rooms (which has resulted in no less then 4 visits from cable men).
Also today I found out that I have been overdrawn in my checking account (which I blame on the lack of interent, and false security that my old depost money would be returned...as well as stupidity) and have bounced checks to both my landlord and my housemate, among other purchases with the check card over the last few days. And then, to top it off, the new alarm clock I bought (on overdrawn debit) somehow managed to set itself back an hour and because of it, Adam will be an hour late to his training final for his new job...which hopefully he can stll keep after missing this final.
so keep your fingers crossed that I won't be kicked out of my new house, and that Adam won't lose is job because of me and consquently dump me... because so far that feels like the way it might be going.
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