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April 24th, 2006

back in the SC [Apr. 24th, 2006|03:25 pm]
k i m b e r l y
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why is going home so great? Just two days and I got like 9 hours a sleep each night, actually did some homework, took many bubble baths, and watched like 5 movies with mi padre.

and now i'm back in my messy room, contemplating the 2 essays I have to write this week. how times flies?

anyway, my blabbing is boring and nothing new, instead here are some exciting facts:

-got a mini parade rose from trader joe's, and it's my single life goal not to kill it.
-turned a "butter warmer" into an scented oil burner, and now my room smells like beautiful oranges 24/7
-melissa's birthday party is candy themed and should basically be the coolest thing ever. If you think you deserve an invite call me so you don't miss out.
-the sun is out!
-um, that's it.

OH NO that's not it,

#1 coolest fact ever:

SNAKES ON A PLANE MADE INTO ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE! will repost entire article (really, it's a blurb) later. lookforward to awesometown.
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