October 6th, 2005

I've had it with these snakes.


so i'm sitting here in a compuer lab, freaking out about this presentation I've got to get done in 30 min. I'm going to give a shitty summary and comparison of On the Road and Bob dylan's music. luckily I"m not really familiar with either. And pretty much everyone in my secion is.

this whole no bus thing is really starting to suck. apparently shuttles only run every 1/2 hour, so I got to campus at 9 instead of 8:30 becauase just as I made it to the base of campus the last bus pulled away.


did I mention that I've already missed at least one of each of my classes?

this quarter is getting rediculous. i need my freaking computer to work.

also, it's official. I turned in my two weeks notice.

please don't hate me carol. i'm really sorry. :(
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