August 31st, 2005


rants. feel free to skip. nothing important to read here.

*sends dagger thoughts out to cingular wireless and my fireplace in equal doses*

complaint #1: fucking cingular wireless. So my phone sucks. I regularly miss calls and textmessages. My screen goes blank and I can't do anything. If i drop it 10 times, then maybe the phone will restore itself for one good usage. I know I"m not elegable for an upgrade. All i want to do is give them my fucking money and buy a new phone. BUT NO. was fighting with their online site for an hour this morning, with no help. Not only could i not buy a new phone, but I could not find out the cost of my cancellation fee and I could not email them these complaints: "please call our customer servie line"...freaking bitches, I CAN'T CALL anyone, that's the fucking point.

complaint#2: do you know that it is rediculously hard to start a fire? Being all jazzed about my fireplace has done me no good whatsoever seeing as 20 matches later, NO FIRE. it just doesn't light. and yes, i knwo, i know, "I need kindling" but I ask you...where the hell do you get kindling when you live in a suburban neighborhoood with a cement backyard?? I'm not an idiot. I know you can't just set a wood log on fire. but fuck, newspaper just burns out and my lighterfluid doesn't even stay lit long enough to do anything.

also i split cranberry juice all over the floor and for some reason the cup practically melted a ring in the paint of my coffee table.

nothing in my life works.

oh did i mention that in my car, neither the air conditioning nor the power steering work anymore?
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