June 23rd, 2005


because i have nothing.

i have nothing. i have nothing at all. i'm hurting and all i have is this lousy livejournal, which depresses me more.

sometimes, i can't stand it.

from this point on, i will never share personal facts in here. I'm over it. if this is my only means of commuication (which it is) then fuck it. what's the point. there isn't any. there is just me, locked in my room, dying inside because i'm trapped in every sense of the word. frustrated that i can't even say what i feel in my stupid fucking livejournal.

it's over.

get ready for silly pet pictures and amusing joke links. this lj is dead.
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NEW Things, vol.1

My newest pictures series is a documentation of this summer's goal: to do or go to at least one new thing a week.

exhibit 1: 22nd beach

adam, our beach club's fearless leader, took us out to 22nd Beach in 'capitola-esk'. the highlight had to be the sandcastle we built that consisted of a giant mote, a driftwood statue, jelly god, and jelly-fish inhabitants.

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
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