June 13th, 2005



everyone's put up there "i'm home" posts, so I think i ought to have an "I'm still here, jerks" post, meant in the nicest possible way.

I'm in santa cruz still!! wo0t? weird graduation related traffic and empty buses seem to be the theme of the weekend. Starting tomorrow... it's only me and tourists. Pretty much everyone's gone home for the summer. goodbyes suck. even only for 3 months. Am glad to have birttlecakes and carol around still and will revel in the few precious weeks left with Megan and Robin before they go on to bigger and better things. *sigh* also, basically live alone now, since I haven't seen kayla for more than 5 min in 2 weeks. But, I'm a solitary gal, so it works out. means more pants free time I guess? moving in with crystal starting july 1st. but moving is scary. I hate first times for things.

summer is weird.

summer in santa cruz is weird.
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looking up

today (a summary):

got my car towed to the shop.

found out we got the house of my dreams.

have nothing more planned except TV and naps.
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