May 13th, 2005


awesome things vol. 14

the only shining light at the end of my preverbial dark tunnel has been the wonderous wonder workers at AAA. So last night after work (1am that is), on the heels of a sleep deprived day-after-all-nighter and crazy bum harrasment while putting up the marquee....I get in my car to go home,

and the battery's dead.

not really tragic, but it's just the story of my life. also did i mention that for the last few days my driver's side door has bee jammed, so I've been crawling through shotgun side? yeah. the ghettoness, it's getting me down.

So this morning, AAA awesome wonderful battery specialist man came, he said it was totally dead (turns out idiot girl here left her headlights on), but he was able to charge it and bring my car back to life.

my new happy place is my AAA card, which if it were physically possible, I might marry and bare it's children.

exhibit 14: roadside assistance
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