March 27th, 2005


hiatus from awesomeness.

bah. i'm tired of "awesome things" I'm too lazy to take pictures these days of the things I enjoy, and there really isn't much photographic about me sitting in my room watching WestWing on my computer.

things accomplished during break:
-worked every day this week (that I was in sc)
-turned 21
-watched season 1 of west wing
-watched some fine films such as, First Daughter, New York Minute, Ice Princess, and Raise Your Voice (which was great).
-got to see Matt outside of work (if you don't know all htat is the awesome entity of Matt, you're missing out. But me, megan, robin, vanessa, and Josh got to hear a drunken tale or two at the Ave)
-midnightmovie, 12 monkeys (which is amazing)
-and not much else.

things to look forward to:
-paying my speeding ticket tomorrow (finally)
- watching season 2 of west wing
-watching guess who with robbin this week
-classes (violence in american film, language change, and 19th century american poetry)
- MIDNIGHT SHOWING OF SIN CITY, thursday night is going to rock. Everyone should get their tickets now for the midnight opening of Sin City! At the very least, midnights should be fun.
-I dunno. new pens? pretty bad that that can be something I look forward to in life.
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