February 27th, 2005


awesome things: vol 1.

I've decided to dedicate an lj series to things in my life that give me a little happiness. I spend most of the day thinking about all the things i hate about my life (which i apologize for to all of you who hear more than their fair share of my ranting)...but there do exist things that actually add instead of subtract to my well being.
And thus, here is my pictoral series: Awesome Things.

Item 1: John Basedow valentine

Lorelle hand made me this valentine, which is now taped up on my closet. It reads: "Kimberly-- Just looking at you puts my body in an immediate heart pumping cardio rate! Be with me. There will be no tricky dance moves, but LOTS of high impact gyrations. <3 John Basedow." and it is awesome.
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