February 24th, 2005


too lazy to check my math...but...

today in semantics, me and lorelle decided that, if conservatively we spend $5,000 a quarter for school... it breaks down like this:

3 classes = 3.5 hours X 3 times a week = 10.5 X 10 weeks = 105 hours of class time a quarter.

which is then like $47 per hour of class, right?

and the truth of the matter is that the probability of actually going to class tends to run in 1/3 range lately... bringing it up to the possibility of almost $142 per hour of attended class.

*master-card voice over*
-the time it took to figure all this out while not paying attention in semantics?
-anywhere from $47 - $142.

-sleeping in until past noon?
-anywhere from $47- $142

-watching marathons of my super sweet sixteen?
-anywhere from $47- $142

-forgetting that the above numbers only count on days I skip only one class...?
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