February 17th, 2005



I had this dream last night, where I was working in a nice diner (but I had my theater uniform on). This guy comes up to tell me that there arent any fresh bagles left. I try to tell him that I'm sorry, but that all the bagles we have are already out, so he's just out of luck for today. He then grabs my hand and like tries to push me in to a wall or something. I start yelling for help to my boss (who was sandy cohen), and then I woke up. I have a sneaking susupician that I was saying "help me" out loud in real life too.

i never remember my dreams. this feels like a bad sign or something. (also, a sign of too much OC, clearly).
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I really dont' know if i've ever gotten more satisfaction out of an episode of TV than the OC where they go to the party of the guy from "the valley" (well, there is that futurama with the tape worms...) THE VALLEY! hahahahaha, that is AWESOME


i'm losing it?

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