February 8th, 2005


useless annicdotes

you know you're in college when...

It's mid afternoon, while sitting on the couch watching tv you suddenly realize you're starving (owing to the fact that you haven't eaten anything since popcorn the night before). You wander over to the kitchen (which is covered with dishes, some you remember using, others you don't) and contemplate what you could make to sustain yourself. After a minute of deliberation, you decide on a pb&j. Unfortunetly, sitting on top of the toasteroven (where your carb items usually sit) you see nothing but slowly rotting bagles and torillas. Where's the bread? Oh that's right. It's in the freezer. Because when you last went grocery shopping (2 weeks ago) bread was on sale, 2 for1 (...and how can you pass that up?). So you pull out the new loaf, letting it defrost on the counter. But instead of thinking of something else to make (there is always soup), you go back to watching TV until the ice melts from your frozen safewayselect wheat loaf.
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