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January 23rd, 2005

I don't even want any steak [Jan. 23rd, 2005|08:49 pm]
k i m b e r l y
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[music... |Day Tripper - Beatles]

hm, so that was a crazy weekend. Caught the plague, lost my voice, have only napped in my own apartment, worked 16hrs, lost miserably at pool, but did pretty well in "never have i ever", blew my nose 400 times, kings two nights in a row, got a call from my long lost stephen the oregonian, played spin the bottle for the first time, and failed to do a single minute of homework until late sunday night (ei, have not yet).
wish had some pictures, but alas, am a failure.

that being said. I think it's time for some potstickers to further my procrastinaton.
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