January 7th, 2005

I've had it with these snakes.

aldsfjioefjakfjdkl *sigh*


you know what's cool? when everything seems to break at the same time.

my phone, which is sitting right in front of me fully charged, can't be activated because my name is not on the account. He will probably not be able to activiate my account because he does not have the phone. my car is fixed, but still in LA, so my dad was going to drive it up here on sunday then fly back home the same day. sounds awesome. except that when i bought the eticket (dad is not to savey with the comps, as will be seen) I stupidly sent it to his email address, where it apparently was promptly deleted. You think, oh this can be solved by some customer service magic? think again. when you deal with "cheaptickets.com" such an option does not exist.

so now i have no phone. no car. and have spent $114 on a plane ticket that is not going to be used.

oh, and my internet is down (am on kayla's computer this very moment while she showers)...because when you steal wireless, it's stabilty is not at your disposal.

oh, and it's monsooning out again and I still do not have a working umbrella.

i feel so helpless.

i can't do anything right.

the quarter has barely started and i already am hating life.
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