January 2nd, 2005


public service annoucemnt= NO SERVICE

hey, so my cell phone DIED today. if you are trying to call me constantly (because i know you all love me that much) and are so horribly saddend that i havne't picked up my phone....fear not! it's broken. I'm not recieving any calls. and since i can't make long distance calls from my SC home...i also can't check my messages.

also, if you EVER GAVE ME YOUR NUMBER, and i mean pretty much ever... it's also gone the way of the dodo... I don't have it anymore. Send your # my way sometime (not that i can call it right now, as said before about no longdistance), and I'll add it to my new phone, whenever the gods deem it right for me to get one.

yep, that's it

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