December 21st, 2004


my inner materialist

So, when i got home from santa cruz, my dad took my car in for a regular checkup (cars need doctor visits too!) and it turned out that I was leaking oil into my coolent or some other such nonesense. Everyone at the shop was very surprised I made it safely home for 360 miles. Anyway, dad has been debating on wether or not to fix it, as investment in repair might be better put to new car. So I've been bracing myself for the sad fact that I will not have a car come january (horrible busses here i come!), but dad said it was ok to drive around town here on short trips etc.
right. This morning, apparently the car-guy called with an estimate, and dad decided to take the neon in to be fixed. No "kim, you do'nt need the car at all for the rest of break, do you?" not even a "I know you're going over to derek's today, you didn't need the car, right?" (which i do) NOTHING. wake up. no car. am completely stranded, and the best part is have still done ZERO shopping. boo to the shackles of junior-high life all over again! "dad, can you drive me to the mall so i can buy you presents, then pick me up and dont look at what i bought?"

anyways, am just ranting. there are all kinds of people in the world who have not ever know the joy of having a car. am just spoiled. but still. frustrating all the same.
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