December 16th, 2004


ducKtape and other useful things

So i finished packing and it is weird, because unlike the dorms, my apartment is home to me. I had trouble deciding what to take, thinking things like, do i have a blanket in LA? and the answer, is no, I don't. sad. this is the first time since freshman year that I've felt a even a little sad to leave santa cruz. I am very excited to go home and see dad and friends... but it is definetly a visit. I'm visiting home. or my old home? my LA home. In any case, once again...i'm conflicted. haha, that is the THEME of my life right now. Part of me wants to stay here. And that is crazy to me. we'll see how it all goes.

side note ONE:
woah, time to side-track...I PASSES ALL MY CLASSES. Now most of you who know me usually will be thinking, "right kim, what's new?" but those of you who have known me/suffered with me this quarter will be rightly thinking "I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU". I got striaght Bs and I could not be happier.

side note TWO:
this is mainly for Sandra, but also to simply share its is my new supersecret nametag that I've sworn on my life never to actually wear to work. But it makes me happy just to own it:

*picture edited due to ulta dl status * =)

hm, well, since i'm leaving for LA in 6 hours, I should probably try to get to sleep. buenas noches amigos.
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