November 13th, 2004

I've had it with these snakes.

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hm, maybe an actual update.

so i've been crazy busy with classes and work. its been getting me down, when i feel like it's been a thousand years since i've spent time with friends or slept in, because if i'm not working or in class, i'm up early craming to finish my homework. I think, i hate work, my life is so horrible over and over as i'm running off 3 cups of coffee at 3am writing syntax... but then I have a night like tonight, where even though I worked from 5:30p-1:40a, I laughed more than I have in ages, had some good conversations, and managed to earn some money. despite the trash juice and crazy customers, it was really fun. So i'm conflicted. ask me wednesday, and i'll probably tell you that i'm ready to jump off westcliff. But tonight, I'm feeling good about things.

here's to a manic depressive quarter!
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I've had it with these snakes.

good times at the theatre

So, 8am staff meeting resulted in:

free Bourne supremacy shirt (was a mean girls shirt, but at last moment traded with one of the bigger guys there, because it was funny), free keychain from dobly digital, free autographed 8x10 spiderman thingy (signed by producers or sommething?), AND $25 gifte certificate to BookShop Santa Cruz for upselling at conessions to a mystery shopper.

yah, so that was fun. plus free donuts and coffe.

and seriously, if anyone wants a job at the 9, they are hiring all kinds... just don't resquest weekends or holidays off, and you will get a job. sure, it's a crappy job. but it is a job.

yah, so time for a nap. mmm nap.
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