September 27th, 2004


gather round...

ok kiddies, it's storytime with autie kimmie! Today I must impart the tale of The Man in the Orange Army Fatigues.

So the first day of classes there was this gentleman in both my phonology and my spanish class who had decided to dress in Orange Army Fatigues from head to toe (for brevity purposes, let's call them OAFs). Now, not only was every article of this guy's clothing neon orange (including his converse hightops), but instead of the classic "pants" or "shorts" that most young men typically choose to don on their lower half, this fine specimen had picked a kilt. yes. an OAF KILT. Shocking as it was, I must admit that his OAF outfit was amusing and so I thought it a lovely first-day-back prank. Not so.
Today, in walks OAF man, this time abandoning the skirt for the more casual cargo pants in a blindingly bright OAF print. He must like it. He must like it to an extreme extent that I would place money on him wearing some sort of OAF every day. EVERY DAY.
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