June 26th, 2004


my average week so far...pretty dull...but if i'm OK with it, you should be too, punk.

I feel like I haven't done anything in my life worth posting about..and well..it's true. But post I will. Spent time with Alicia on tuesday, who is, at this very moment, flying over the country somewhere on her way to England to study for the summer. It is good to see her, and remember that sometimes people just go to school to learn, and that is ok. Came home to find a letter from Brian sitting on the table *big grin* which was a nice surprise. Then on wednesday hung out all day with Morgan and Nick (and his super nice girlfriend Sujean) which was very awesome. Day inlcluded guitar, star wars spoof videos, TMNT 2 and 3, trip to the mall and ice cream (thank you for the cold stone :) too bad my dollar somehow ended back up in my purse...). On thursday I borrowed the Alien Quadrilogy from Morgan (who is a one man blockbuster) and stayed up 'til 6am watching all 4 in a row. haha. that was fun. Slept most of today (friday..though i am aware it is technically sat), with the highlight being a trip to GoodGuys ending in A NEW CAR STEREO! My dad felt pity for me, and decided it would be in honor of my fabulous straight As (thankyou grade fairy once again!). All in all, good times. Must give Lilly a call soon, and so I'm sure more good times will be had.

some stats:
have been hoome 16 days
I have watched at least 20 dvds since i've been home (not counting an enitre season of friends and family guy)
I've finished 6 books
I have still not finished unpacking (am starting to wonder if i ever will)
have recieved 2calsl from sc friends... but have only made 2 myself.
have only had 2 hangout fiestas (described above) but 3 if you count steve's party.
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