June 17th, 2004

I've had it with these snakes.

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today's failures:
burned a batch of chocolate chip cookies (and we're talking the kind you just break apart and put on a pan...i didn't even have to #1 make the dough, or #2 evenly divide it up, but yet, burned they did...into one giant cookie-pan sized cookie).

possible success and/or patheticness:
watched 4 movies in a a row... Timeline, Monster, 50 First Dates, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Contemplating putting in Chicago to make it offically the oddest group of collected films ever.

certain success:
finished Laurie Notoro's newest book "I love everybody and other atrocious lies" which was hilarious. because Laurie Notoro is the FUNNNIEST person alive (as a humor colomnist, that is a good job quality to have). I highly suggest her first book "Idiot girl's action adventure club" to anyone who needs a lift.
also, made it to the gym and managed to sneek passed the front desk without calling attention to the fact that i do not have a valid gym card. not yet anyways.
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