May 28th, 2004


ode to the hippie couple of linguistics 51

so there's this hippie couple in my phonetics class. They both have hair down to their waists, are fond of 'eastern" style clothing, and she most definetly does not wear a bra, but I do admire her artsy earrings. They sit right in the front row, cuddling and being all coupley and whatnot every MWF at 8am. BUT today, as i happend to be sitting behind them, they decided to fully makeout before class. I mean, occasionally the casual kiss might pass between this happy hippie couple and sure that's great, PDA is awesome...but today it was like full on tongue action for a good 5 minutes. I'm glad they're so into eachother, but like, come'on. i was sitting a foot away from them!

but on the upside, once class started, it consisted of filling out evals and leaving. That's a sign of a good class if you ask me.
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I've had it with these snakes.

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I guess i have to give up santa cruz's really not that bad. I've been on a rant about the weather, and felt fully vindicated when it rained today. My cry of "what on earth is SC thinking? it's 3 days from June!!" went unheeded into the empty gray sky, but filled my soul with righteous anger. But Brian, my new favorite explorer, decided that we should go on a picknick...despite the rain (and my sadly broken umbrella)--and it ended up being nice. surprisingly so. the redwoods kind of shaded us from the random smattering of drops which did eventually give way to a peek of sun. it was like being in a real-live version of fern gully. And bad can a city be that has a real fern gully??
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