May 2nd, 2004

I've had it with these snakes.

the awesomeness of today

went to my first college dance tonight, and it was great. we entered the "enchanted forest" and partied 'til 1am. it was like everything my highschool dances weren't..there were a ton of people there and I had friends to dance with, being as silly or ghetto as I wanted. Oh, and it was a casino night, so i got to loose some of jasper's money for him :). later, we had a hot after-party in our hallway... which started with talks about gynocologists and ended in a mega-match of uno. it was H O TT. And what's really great, is that now i feel like I know some of the people I live with now, and they are actually really rad folks.

unfortunetly, I'm a total waste of a human life, and didn't bring my camera, but I did discover this link from one of the guys I met today who lives in my house (and it is close to pure joy): dance dance!
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ode to the wenches in line tonight at dinner

why are people so mean? I was in the dinning hall, serving myself some terryaki stir fry, minding my own business. The chicken's good, so I was adding some more to my original scoop of the spoon, when these 2 girls behind me say "god, i why don't people get the vegitables too". What the heck? I mean, for crying out loud, it's DINNING HALL food. Maybe they were afraid i'd eat all the freaking chicekn, and force them to wait 2 minutes for a replacement tray to be brought in... but is that really a cause to hate on me? I mean, geez, sometimes lving in the world sucks a lot.
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