April 3rd, 2004

I've had it with these snakes.

ode to apathy

Kimmmie101 : dangit dropped my pen
Kimmmie101 : ah it's too far away
Kimmmie101 : blast my laziness too!
chriscsnoose : you should write an ode to apathy/laziness/indecision
Kimmmie101 : i should
Kimmmie101 : but alas, i'm too lazy to think of something to write
chriscsnoose : just copy and past this convo into the LJ it will make up for it
chriscsnoose : show TRUE laziness for thinking
Kimmmie101 : done and done
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I've had it with these snakes.

ode to our governer

so, at one point in my life, i was lead astray. You see, i assumed that Sean Connery's LXG was the saddest role an actor could ever take... but alas, today the cosmos have aligned, and shown me the truth.

JUNIOR is on bravo right now.

never heard of it? Oh, let me summarize.

Arnold Swartzenegger is a scientist at a university (suspension of belief #1). He invents a firtility drug and then uses it on himself, by implanting an embreo into his own abdomen and then carrying it full term--all the while falling madly in love with the scientist woman who he unknowningly stole the frozen egg from in the first place..(suspension of belief #2-#45643122).
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I've had it with these snakes.

(no subject)

i found out today that I have no real interests. really. I have practically zero hobbies. I mean, c'mon... anyone who knows me: name one thing that i do that could be construed as a hobbie.. or even intrest...

so, I'm a lit major, we've got reading. check.

i...like movies....like to sleep...um. yah, you get the picture.

OHMAN i need to make some changes. I am NOT a well-rounded human being. not even close.
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