February 28th, 2004


ode to procrastination (part 1)

so i'm watching this show on channel 9, and it's in Japanese or something and it's crazy. It's like this myth busters type of show, but with life and death situations... it's called "Dead or Alive", becaue the title is, for some reason, in english. when I picked it up and they were testing different ways to survive a strong river current... and then they tested something about wood furniture letting off something that gets in the air and causes something bad... and apparently, you have to open a window... a space heater doesn't solve it. And the only way to survive a nuclear reactor meltdown is to eat some type of green plant. oh and somehow it's a game show too.
and the sad part is that i'm kinda into it.
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    bon jovi -"dead or alive"