January 11th, 2004

I've had it with these snakes.

a realization

I've been feeling weird and out of sorts lately... and not entirely sure what to do about it. But it just hit me-- I've only been here a week. a week. It's hard [for me] to climatize so quickly, and if i feel discombobulated, it's not because i'm going mad, just that i'm not settled in yet. Next week is going to be my frist "normal" one since Max is gone and whatnot, which i think will improve my humor big-time (not that Maximus isn't a lovely roomate... but you know... life can return to business as usual). PS no max, i am not mad you were here. I am just saying that it was not things as usual. I <3 ya
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    smashing pumpkins - "tonight, tonight"