January 2nd, 2004

I've had it with these snakes.

actual thoughts (part two)

since break is basically over... here's some sum-ups:

worst moment: probably my dog dying...but my ankle being mauled by a tiger was pretty sucky too.

best moment: there are two, and they happend during the same adventure with my friend Derek. One: we were circling the movie parking lot for a spot, for like, FOREVER...because it was just beyond rediculously crowded. Moments from giving up, we finally see this chick in a black mustang pulling out. Overjoyed at the soon to be free parking spot, Derek blows kisses at the car while we halleluah our good fortune. Just as the car is about to straighten out and drive away, the driver rolls down her window, leans out, looks right at Derek, blows a single kiss, rolls the window back up, and pulls away. it was so freaking cool.
two: we were eating at this restaurant (Cheesecake factory, yumm) and our table was right next to another one, divided by glass (they were outside, we were in) and this little kid was sitting "next" to derek. We started joking about our counterpart family, when derek immitates the little boy playing his nintendo game. And the mom totally saw. It is one of those had-to-be-there things, but I laughed so hard I cried.

what i missed about school: Queer eye (and TV in general)

what i'm going to miss about home: bubble baths.

what I didn't miss about school: an official "wake up time"

what I'm not going to miss about home: nothing comes to mind.

Best Christmas gift: first season of Friends :)

New Years Resolution: who ever really keeps these? I've decided that it is just too hard to have one of those resolutions that you have to like, do, every day. My new goals are going to be simple one-time-acomplishable ones.
1st- talk to cute core boy. just once, so that I can feel like i can call him by his real name.
2nd- go to the sc drive in.
3rd- visit san francisco or monteray bay aquarium (both might be asking too much)

and i have a year to do all of this. I mean, sure I'd like to reslove to go to the gym on a regular basis, cut out soda, or meet more people. But who am i kidding? if i haven't done that yet, I'm never going to.
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