December 31st, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

kimberly and the terrible, horrible, very bad, no good day. (or: Kim the klutz)

so i woke up this morning pretty excited that for once in my life, i was going to do something for New Years Eve. *sigh* but as i hope you can tell... that didn't go as planned. while taking out the trash I slipped on the stairs (damn apartments and their damn stairs) and twisted my right ankle. :( having never felt that kind of rediculous pain before (and that i am a wuss), i thought i'd broken it. Which, i guess, is the silver lining, because it isn't broken, just badly sprained. Anyways, but that conclusion was a long time in coming, because the wonderful godess of kaiser (my hospital) frowns on people in pain. After my dad rushed outside when i screamed, he took me to the emergency room for x-rays--which means we sat in the waiting room for almost an hour, and then I sat in a little room waiting for the doctor for almost an hour. And then spent more time waiting for xrays and blah blah blah. final answer-- badly sprained, nothing to worrry about. take some extra strength tylonal, and keep it wrapped for a week or so if it's sore.

i guess that's not that terrible of a day, haha, could be worse.. could have gotten in a major freeway accident...haha, but I'm sorry i missed hanging out with katie, kevin, and colin for their new years extraveganza. (sorry guys i didn't get the messages 'til too late, hope you're having an awesome time. yay for mac stores and san diego. )

but sympathy is still nice ;)
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