December 14th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

*contented sigh*

Today is a good day. I feel so rested and relaxed, my dark circles are retreating and my skin is clearing up. So I felt pretty confident, which is always a bonus, really. Then I went to church and saw some of my friends from this summer. I get out of the car (truck, actually) and Karen and Dave are like 10 feet from us. I wave and they both race over to hug me :) a zillion people grabbed me as i walked by to say Hi, and it was nice. THEN, when me and dad got home, I cooked some pasta and made my own sauce and it was really really yummy. Tomorrow i'm ganna try stir fry... :) and right now I might run over to my friend morgan's hosue to pick up Angels In America ('cause he was awesome and taped it for me), and yah. It is a good day. Sometimes, you know, it just happens.
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    stevie wonder - "silver bells"
I've had it with these snakes.

sad panda

ok so i was having a great day... but like.. my dog is so sick... i'm so sad. I really dont know how much longer she is going to live :( she's having such a hard time breathing that it sounds as if she's drowning in every breath... i don't think she's eaten in forever, so she's skin and bones...and her eyes have this wild look in them... too bright... i'm so sad i'm going to cry. why does anyone ever own pets if they are just going to suffer and die like that? too many bad thoughts. an on/off switch would sure come in handy.
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