December 11th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

Team Work (or, More Freeway Fun)

It dawned on me today, somewhere between Long Beach and the Sanfernando Valley, that I just cannot go on the freeway without incident. Occasionally, it's minor (like being close to, but not actually, rear-ending a car when my breaks were too wet to stop me), but typically, it involves me getting myself lost. I have ended up in Culver City several times while trying to get to Santa Monica, and have found myself suddenly in downtown Los Gatos 100% of the times I have driven to San Jose (which is only twice, but still, it's percentage here people). Today, I went with my dad to pick up our new truck. The only problem is that it was in Long Beach (about 50 miles south of me). We drove down together in my car (read= he drove), and then he took the new truck back up and I drove the neon. Not too hard, right? Not a difficult journey, considering i had a map and had JUST been on the drive TO long beach.RIGHT. But not for super-kimmie. Noo, that would be just TOO EASY. We got on a freeway, then got off, and then I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPEND. Somehow i was lost somwerhe in Long Beach, and could NOT find the 405 north. I mean, I saw the 405 south...but rest assured, that is not the same thing . I started freaking out, and decided to call Kayla, so she could mapquest me. OH MAN. it was good times, let me tell you. The signs started playing tricks on me, and on my second passing of the entrance i thought i saw "north" above the little "south". So, excited I got onto the freeway...only to realize after a few moments, that I was indeed goinig SOUTH. got off the freeway AGAIN, and called Kayla back. I was now in Hungington Beach (jezus there are a lot of beaching in California)-- and after a U-turn or two, I came across the sign, like a heavenly angel, that proudly proclaimed to be the 405 North. oi. If I hadn't had kayla to save my life, i would have been crying like mad and freaking out properly. Actually, I probably wouldn't have ever found my way home. I would have cried my sorry little lost self all over hunington beach forever. BUT, it was in fact, very funny.
I <3 you kayla.
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