December 5th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

what is this crazy world coming to?

in an effort to be less negative in my posts, here are two recent revelations (that I have come to or have been thrust upon me). First is that my dad is going through mid-life crisis, not in a bad way...but he just is. He bought a truck this week, just for fun. He's all "yah, and it's electirc blue!" as if that was the only reason for buying it. oh man. And secondly, that Cactus Cooler is a so-cal thing. The other night shawn (who is froom san jose) looks at the Cactus Cooler can on my desk (that i brought from home), and is all "what is that?!?". And just to test if Shawn is just crazy (which was highly unlikely), I asked Chris (from lodi) if he'd heard of it, to which he replied with a resounding NO. crazyness.
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