November 29th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.


ugh. fully intended to stay up all night and finish my econ paper. it was like a little test. If i could do this, stay up, write it, and be done with it for today-- then there was hope that i could actually get my (academic) life together. because finishing the paper last night would be the best possible thing i could do in the world. it would have given my dad a reason to believe in me again. would have given me faith in myself. it would have let me sleep in all kinds this morning. would have allowed me to hangout guiltlessly tonight.
blah blah blah.

so i did'nt finish. in fact, i feel asleep at midnight, and didn't wake up 'til just now. i failed. i am a failure. FAILURE.

i wish the quarter was over.

counting today, I have 12 days left.


that's like nothing.

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I've had it with these snakes.

hot guys and cute clothes... forget hw. this is way better.

was at the mall today, and outside abercrombie & fitch were 3 HOT model guys(in, basically only boxers and santa hats) posing for pictures. OMG. it was too funny. It would have been a lot funnier if I hadn't been with my dad, who kept nudging me "KIM, you should get your picture with the dudes!" and for the rest of the shopping adventure continued to bring up the half-naked hotties, and my missing the chance of a life time. haha. it was still pretty funny. And they were super hot. but it was just not one of those fun things you do with your dad, ya know?

so just imagine that this picture is the poloroid of me and hot guys :)

ps. there isn't really a picture. you're supposed to use your imagination with the blank box.
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