November 27th, 2003


oh yah

oh, PS. I'm home :)

hehe, so the trip was quasi adventerous starting at like, oh, 2:30 on our way to get my car from the garage. I forgot my permit key, (and drivers license for that matter) and was all kinds of late getting back to campus (kevin thought we forgot him). And then I took the wrong highway to get from the 1 to the 101 (so don't take the 152. it's not the right way). But oh well, we made it all in good fun. got home and my dad changed all kinds of things around the house. he painted my bathroom, retiled both bathrooms and the kitchen. replaced 4 fixed lights. last time i came home for winter break, he'd recarpeted the whole house. I seriously feel like i'm on a never ending episode of While You Were Out. But it's cool. there was also the Indiana Jones trillogy waiting for me on my desk. :D all good things. i'm glad to be home.
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    michael jackson - thriller (all my other cds r in the car, ok?)