November 2nd, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

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We have three windows in our room, and one of them is really tall and reaches all the way up to the lofted ceiling. It's super nice, except when the sun comes in right at my face, because the curtain is one made to fit a normal size window; the extra part is all exposed. So tonight I'm sitting in my cave-like room with only the desk lamp and Christmas lights on, and for no reason I take a glance out this freak window (which is on stace's side of the room). And there's something g all glowy out there. A streetlamp? Nope, it's the moon. Now I know that the moon is outside of a lot of people's room...but this is the first time I've ever noticed it. And its way cool. Like this strangely too tall window is made perfectly for the moon...if it were your average size glass-covered whole, the trees would obstruct the view.
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I've had it with these snakes.

sad panda

For the last month, there's been a weekly scheduale of picking up my car from the city garage on friday and bringing it back down on sunday night (free parking on campus for the weekend). Tonight, like the past 3 sundays, I went to bring my car down. Chris, Aaron, and Charles went with-- so that Chris would take me back up to campus (he needed to pick up his car, so it was two birds with one stone). All a good deal. On the drive down, i realized that it was no longer October...but November. Time to renue. Chris said his permit has to be paid by the 1st..and seeing as it's the 2nd, I figured I should get on that. As expected, my card wouldn't let me in, so I got a ticket, parked it, and went to talk to the lady in the booth. When I came up, she says, 'You really should do this when you're going out. Just remember that from now on." I should have known right then and there. This was the City Garage Worker of Doom. I appoligize and tell her I want to renue my permit for this month. "Are you a UCSC student?" she asks, "This applies to you" and hands me a flyer. I'd been forwarned by Chris, so know without reading it I know that the flyer says that they are kicking out sc kids for business people. I glance in my wallet and think I have a $10 and a $20, which is perfect, because the charge is $31, and I figure I've got to have a buck in change. She's rings me up, and I take the money out, to find that all I have is a $10 and a $1. ... crap (note that the thought running through my mind was significantly worse).
I look up and tell WorkerofDoom that I'm so sorry but that I didn't have the cash I thought i had.
By the way she reacted, I could have told this woman that I'd murdered her only remaining family. I thought she was going to attack me. "YOU DON'T HAVE THE MONEY? AFTER I'VE DONE ALL THIS??? THIS IS MY WORK! MY REGISTER IS GOING TO BE SHORT!" and so forth and so on. ... It really sucked. Through her yelling, I tried to tell her I'll go to the atm and be right back, and I was just going to turn and ask the guys if they could help, when a car came to pull out. And I'm in the way, just like she said I would be. She sticks her head out the booth and screams at the upcoming car "YOU'RE JUST GOING TO HAVE TO HOLD, THIS GIRL IS GOING TO TAKE A LONG TIME!" then back to me "CAN'T YOU ASK THEM?!", and pointing a finger at Chris Aaron and Charles. so I scurry out of the way, looking helplessly at my friends, and they bring out the $21 I was missing. I hand her the cash, appoligizing like mad, trying really hard not to cry. I mean, damnit, I know the serverity of me not having the money. Not another single word out of her. She hands me my receipt, and all i want to do is yell "fuck you, this is the last month you've got to deal with me." Of course..i've not only never cursed at someone, but I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it together. We walk out on to the sidewalk, and the guys give me the "Dude she was crazy" cheer-up talks, and it might have just passed off as funny... but I started to try to say something like "I thought i had the cash...". And before I knew it, my voice broke and I totally started to cry. It was seriously pathetic. Somtimes I like to think that I can dish it out with the best of them, but really, I have no skin at all. I felt like crap... I mean, even though she was a complete stranger. ugh. So then, not only did i feel terrible about the WorkerofDoom, but I made an idiot of myself infront of my friends (and still owe them money) AND i can't park my car as of November 30th. All in all, a pretty bad trip *sigh*
And besides today, what am I going to do at the end of the month? I'll drive my car home for thanksgiving, but then there's only 2 weeks of school before winter break... which is the time that I actually need the car. That was the whole point, you know? This having it up here on campus on weekends stuff was just a bonus. So, add that to the list of things I need to worry about. Ugh. :( I am a very sad panda right now.
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