October 22nd, 2003


silly midterms and silly students who cram for them

I'm freezing to death. I don't understand, but it the artic winter has suddenly descended into my room. I'm wearing a sweatshirt, sweatpants, and 2 paris of socks...my hood is up...but yet, I am still a popcicle. As I'm sitting here typing, my fingers feel like icicles that i have only moderate control over. I havn'et been up this late in a while... does it always get cold in the wee hours of the morning? oi-vey.
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I've had it with these snakes.

not so stealth

I had a midterm this morning, for which i went to completely scrubbed out in my pjs. After I finished the test, the only thought running through my head was the comfort of my bed So I am walking back to my dorm room, in the process of skipping my economics class, when i run into my TA. "Hey, kim, let me give you back your paper"...all the while giving me that you weren't in section yesterday and now you are not going to lecture look. But what's a girl going to do? My heart and soul is already set to go home.... how could destroy my spirit by walking back to lecture? This really isn't my week at all.
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    kenny loggins-- the danger zone