October 12th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

things I have failed to leave behind me...

Moving on to college is supposed to be the Big New Start, right? Look at all the people who have left my highschool and started anew... *looks at the junior college class roster* ok, well, maybe that's not how it is for everyone, but for me-- I was going to be new person. Such as, no one would know that in my previous years, "messy" and "unorganized" were comonly associated with me, and other reputaions or quirks would no longer follow ahead of me. During my first year at the fine school of Banana Slugs, the silly notion of me being a bad driver (which, i'd like to note, was my reputaion long before i ever sat behind a wheel, what's up with that? I've never been in an accident.. dude, way unfair..)was never even thought of. But this year... I have my car. And as colin and aaron experienced a taste of my driving on thier visit this summer.. the evil seeds were placed before the year began. And I've been trying to prove it wrong, but alas, I have failed. Tonight, while en route to drop Jasper off at the village.... I missed the turn. No biggie, right? Right. So I try to pull a U-turn...try being the key word here. Instead of clearing the curb (well, in this case, it was a dtich of rocks), my right tire went right off the side of the road. And by "my tire" i really mean, a large part of the right side of my car. The sound of crunching echoed through the frame and overpowerd my stereo. Ohman. Jasper and Aaron feared not only for thier own lives, but found room in their hearts to worry that my car would survive. I figured, something like that is just like a bandaid... the faster it's over, the less it hurts. So I just flipped it into reverse, and pulled back onto the road. Or maybe it's really like an arrow, not so bad going in as when going out.... 'casue I feel like it sounded worse the second time around. Anyways, so it turns out that by just looking at it, you really can't tell anything is different. But Aaron braved a feel of the underside...and he said it was not too pretty. haha, oh well, it happens.
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