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October 5th, 2003

Success! [Oct. 5th, 2003|09:47 pm]
k i m b e r l y
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Today, I drove--by myself--from home to school! That's a 6 hour trip of 360 miles. I was pretty scared before I attempted this great journey, seeing as I've only really been freeway driving since last christmas.... but I managed somehow to make it without incident (ok, well, there was one moment of screeching tires and a quick lane change... but really, it was a minor event). THEN to top of my grad adventure, I'm unloading things from my car ( YAY I HAVE MY CAR!!!!), when cute guy from my core class was riding by on his bike, stops, looks at me, and asks if I needed any help (!!!), to which I kindly reply that I think I've got it. He smiles and says "What aobut the door?" (!!!) So of course I had to let him help me. OH man. It was great (yah, yah, I'm lame. So what.)
So, I've just now redecorated my room (and it looks a lot better), and got an email from the fishrap editor about an assignment this week....so (besides the essay I haven't really started) I'm feeling pretty good right now.
It's been a nice weekend, crazy being home when it isn't a holiday... but nice and relaxing. And the best part is that now I have a car up here! Even if i never drive it, except to drive home for breaks, it'll be worth it.

shot from the plane
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