September 18th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

Kim's Official Summer Reading List

Kim's summer reading list: or how i spent 87.36% of my summer.

In a somewhat chronological order or what i can remember at least (by section) these are the books i read this summer... a little of what they were about, and why I liked them. Also, some books that I didn't actually make it through, but read enough of them to feel like they should be added on to the list.

Books for the first time.

1.White Oleander, by Janet Fitch (390 pgs). Kayla lent this to me once when I was down (near the ned of school...didn't actually finsih it 'til i was home, with my own copy), which was totally rad. Coming of age type of novel, about a girl with an imprisoned artist mother who is thrown from one foster home to the next.

2.Harry Potter, and the order of the pheonix, by J.K. Rowling (870). Harry Potter is the man. Enough said.

3.The Hero and the Crown, by Robin McKinley (239). A prequel to her other book, The Blue Sword. It's a fantasty novel, straight off the "young adult" reading table-- a secret weakness of mine.

4.Coffee and Kung Fu, by Karen Brichoux (243). My first offcial random fiction novel. The cover is neon pink, the title was clever, so I bought it. It's a 'single girl figures everything out and finds love in the process' book. Light hearted and on the short side, it was the perfect beach-read.

5.Sloppy Firsts, by Megan McCafferty (298). I saw this books's sequel (second helpings) on the new fiction table, and thought i'd hunt down the first one. It's a diary of a 16 year old girl, making it through highschool with or without the popular crowd and the love of the class rebel.

6.Daughter of Fortune , by Isabel Alende (399). A chilean author! How cool is that? I had to get it, i mean, come on -- I was going to Chile. This book is the story of a young chilean girl who follows her lover to california during the gold rush (only for her whole world to be flipped around, and never see her sweetheart again). A fantastic historical fiction. Did you ever see the mask of zorro? Her life wraps around the tales of some bandits from that movie (of course, minus all the Zorro and evil plotting stuff), which I didn't realize until i finished it.

7. The Nanny Diaries, by Emma McLaughlin and Nicole Kraus (306). A total change from the last one, this was a funny story of a woman working her way through gradschool as a Nanny. She gets hired by a rich family, and eventually everything goes crazy.

8. A thing or Two about Curtis and Camila, by Nick Fowler (398). I was inspired to get this one, because it was one of those "chick-books" but it was by (and about) a guy. It's this dude who falls in love with this beautiful girl, but once he gets her, the relationship falls apart... and i think he has some kind of mid-life crisis too. So, 'single guy figures everything out, but gets screwed in love in the process' kind of book. Not my favorite read.

9.Diary of a Mad Bride, by Laura Wolf (294). It's as silly as it sounds. It's written as a diary of this women who gets married. It was funny, and after finishing it, I feel all knowlegable about weddings, haha, not that it will come in handy any time soon.

10. The best of Friends , by Joanna Trollope (299). Ok, so there is this used book store, that I lOVE. And the woman who runs it, is soooo sweet. Once she recomended a book, and i never finished it, but the next time I came into the store, she asked me about it. I felt horrible. I lied. It was bad. So She told me about this book, and it sounded good, so I got it--Determined to not set foot in the store again until i read it. And it was really good. It's about these two friends, a man and a woman, who have been friends forever. They're both married, but when the girl's husband splits, the friends end up having an affair.

11. Back When We Were Grownups, by Anne Tyler (274). I liked the title. It starts out "once upon a time, there was a woman who discoverd she had turned into the wrong person." It's flashbacks and changes for this one woman who trys to figure out where her life went the other direction, only to learn to love the way things turned out. It was a slow, um, reflective, novel, usually not something I'd go for, but I really liked it.

12.Slammerkin, by Emma Donoghue (384). The title means "a loose dress; a loose woman", haha. Nothing was really action packed, and the story kind of dragged on-- it was about this girl who's thrown out on the streets (in 1752), only to fall into a life of prostitution. But then she ends up working as a dressmaker's maid, who, she kills over the cost of a silk dress. I guess it was based on a true story.

13.Avoiding Prison + Other Noble Vactaion Goals, by Wendy Dale (326). Come on, look at that title-- how could I pass it up? It was just have I got home from Chile, and was browsing the travel section and found it. It's a memoir of Wendy Dales travels, how she fell in love with a man in a costa rican prison, fought to get him out, escaped to columbia together, and did all kinds of crazy things. (sad, after all of that, the guy leaves her...dude...). while some of it may have been serious, the way she wrote it was hilarious.

14.Autobiography of a Fat Bride, by Laurie Notaro (253). Another memior, but this woman his a columnist who wrote Idiot girls' action adventure club, and other stupid tales which was possibly one of the funniest books i've ever read. This one was good too...her marraige and life after. It's less of a continuous plot, and more of a chapter by chapter funny story.

15.Girl, Interrupted, by Susanna Kasen (168). Always wanted to read it, and finally did. It was good, but very jumbled....the easily followable story that the movie portrays doesn't happen in the book.

16.The Bonesetter's Daughter, by Amy Tan (402). It's the story of a chinese woman who comes to America to start a new life, mixed with the story of her daughter, a modern chinese-american gal. I really enjoyed it, but I felt a little like I was reading the joy luck club. I mean, essentially both were about the relationship between daughters and mothers, and the clashing of cultures.

17. A Walk to Remember , by Nicholas Sparks (240). I didn't really like the movie. I watched it a few times, and was always thought it was way too cheesey. Something was always missing, and I thought that the book was probably a lot better. And within the first few paragraphs, the problem is evident-- the book was set in the 50's...changes everything. The story is basically the same as the movie (rebel kid falling in love with the dying pastor's daughter), but much much much much much better. If you even sort of liked the movie, you should read the book.

18.The Lovely Bones, by Alice Seabold (328). Such a good book, omg. It's written from the perspective of a girl in heaven, looking down on her family and friends, and watching as they try to peice together her mysterious murder.

Books I started and never finished (for various resonas).

1.Possesion, by A.S. Byatt. Ugh, it was too long winded, the movie is way better.

2.The Street Lawyer, by John Grishamn. I could just guess the plot, i didn't need to finish it to figure out what happend.

3.fahrenheit 451 , by Ray Bradbury. Someday I will finish this... i swear.

4. Goldfinger, by Ian Flemming. The James bond in the original books isn't anywhere near as exciting as in the movies.

Books I re-read, getting me started into summer

1.Harry Potter, and the goblet of fire, by J.K. Rowling (734).

2.The Blue sword, by Robin McKinley (248).

3.Shade's Children, by Garth Nix (345).

4.Lamb: the gospel according to Biff--Christ's childhood pal, by Christoper Moore (408).
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I've had it with these snakes.


I'm sitting there in the middle of my room, surrounded by things I have yet to pack, and I suddenly got really sad about leaving home. I know once I get back, move in, and get into the rythem of santa cruz, I won't feel down at all.... but none of that helps me now. Tomorrow is my last day here for 3 months.
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