September 5th, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

a downtown tour

I went to go see a movie with lill today....

well...almost ;)

I set my alarm for 9:30 this morning, vaugely remembering that Lilly had mentioned "noon" for a movie. Of course, as usual, 9:30 came and went with me being only semi-aware of a change in time as I snoozed every 10 minutes. Then around 10am, my home phone rings. Seeing as I am barely awake, and very comfortable in my cozy bed, the thought to try to answer it does not even cross my mind (see, my bedroom does not even have a phone it in). But I can hear as the asnwering machine (such a wonderful thing) picks up, and Lilly's voice fills the hall: "Kim, I know you are home! you need to answer the phone! You are probably just lying in bed, being too lazy to pick up. The movie starts soon, soo call me back as sooon as possible!" haha, busted. So I grab my cell phone (aka, my alarm) and dial her number, but it's busy. I'm still tired, so I don't understand. Then just as I'm dialling again-- it starts to ring. Of course, Lill is a smart girl, she knows that I'm next to my cell :) so called me there.
Sooo, the story is that there is this movie, The Eye, that she has been wanting to see, and found it randomly playing in this movie theatre downtown (slight ghetto downtown by USC) and only at noon, and only today. So we had to go.
Because I get to her house 10 mintues after I said I would, and then a further delay with getting gas--we're running late. Somehow we detour into Culver City (that santa monica freway change is out to kills us, I swear), and miss a turn or two trying to find the actual theatre (including a scary moment with u-turning between two center islands). Finally we get there... jump out of the car into the thousand degree heat, and power-walk over to the box office. We're only 15 minutes late, we figure, so what if we miss the whole beginning of the movie-- we're here, right?? right. I go up to the girl selling tickets, expecting her to polietly inform us that the film as already started....
"One for The Eye, please."
"Um.. you know that starts at 12 o'clock midnight, right?"


not only were we not really late... we were 12 hours early! Who writes "showing: 12:00am" and not "midnight"? Why are they trying to confuse us so??

The Eye, apparently, shows every friday at midnight, rocky horror style---which of course explains the crazy time and location. And seeing as we were in downtown LA, there was NO WAY we felt like risking our lives to come back after dark. Instead we ate at the Denny's in the theatre's plaza, and went home. :o) A nice little (not so successful) adventure.
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