September 3rd, 2003

I've had it with these snakes.

contemplations on the disaster called My Hair.

So i dyed my hair again... what color, you ask? Good question. The box claims it to be "indigo blue", but the actual turn-out is a little less than navy...and that's on the bleached parts. AND there was a casualty: a huge drop of blue goop landed smack on what was formerly known as my only cute kakhi skirt (now kakhi skirt with blue stain). So all in all, not really a successful hairdying adventure (how many fruitless attempts would that make this summer?)... think I will leave it for a while, but probably am going to dye it back to brown before school starts. So much for being a wild and crazy college kid. ;-)
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I&#39;ve had it with these snakes.

insight into the minds of my former friends

My friend IMs me today... we'll leave this "friend" namless, to protect the innocent... I'll just say that he's from home, and his name starts with a "J" and ends with an "eff"...

mysterious friend: so how come you never said au revior?
me: um, because I'm still here...?
mysterious friend: you are?
me: haha, yeah, I've got another 3 weeks...
mysterious friend: oh right on.
[long pause]
mysterious friend: so i gotta run, talk to you later
[end transmission]

right, so I would bet money that if I'd had said that I was moved back to SC, mrhastogowashhishairorsomething would have stayed to chat.
maybe next time I'll tell him i've moved to Chile...
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